"Law of Attraction" coming soon? i guess i gotta revive the blog..


What we think, is what we are..

Been constantly at work in the studio, and in the video editing room.. putting the finishing touches on my debut solo project with producer Lokeynote. Expect that to start appearing in the 2-3 months, can't say too much yet. Other than that life is good! A fit body and a healthy mind are key components to success and true testaments to your ability to focus.

P/S shout out to my b sharp bro Mr. Matt Brevner for his placement on 
Much Vibe with his "never gonna be my friend" video featuring fembot
Shot taken @ Pom Pom Memoirs video shoot

oh and P.S.S 

<--Expect a Matt Brevner  +  KAi Sky Walker VIDEO in the NEAR FUTURE..  
Pom Pom Memoirs.....

the prelude to Hoodwinks